Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form offers a personal and ambitious educational experience. Despite our small size, we empower students to excel, leading them to successful careers, high-level apprenticeships, and prestigious university placements.

Our dedicated Sixth Form facilities include a spacious study area, common room, cafeteria, and garden. Students also have access to various resources, from art and photography studios to science labs and computer suites.

We encourage independent learning, allowing students to manage their additional study time. Our security system ensures safety while granting access to facilities. We are committed to your success and provide robust support systems.

Joining our Sixth Form means becoming part of a dynamic environment where professionals challenge, support, and develop students. We focus on academic excellence and personal growth.

To visit our Sixth Form or learn more, please contact the school office at or call Tel: 01767 680598.

Sandy Secondary School Sixth Form: Nurturing Potential, Achieving Excellence

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