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Student Support Resources at Sandy Secondary School

At Sandy Secondary School, the well-being and growth of our students are paramount. Recognising that every student’s journey is unique, we’ve curated a list of essential resources and information sheets aimed at addressing diverse needs. Whether it’s academic guidance, mental well-being, or just a need for some extra support, our comprehensive list ensures that students have access to the right tools and information.

Carers Trust

Carers Trust is a major charity dedicated to supporting carers. They focus on ensuring that those who care for others, often without pay or formal training, receive the assistance and recognition they need. The provided link directs you to their Young Carers Awareness Day page, shedding light on the importance of recognizing and supporting young carers.

Newsround Depression

A guide by Newsround that offers insights into understanding depression. It’s tailored to be informative while ensuring it’s comprehensible for its young audience.

A dedicated platform offering resources, advice, and support for individuals who are victims of bullying or know someone who is. It offers various strategies and avenues for assistance.


“5 Ways to Better Mental Health and Wellbeing” is a resource catered to LGBTU young individuals. The guide, developed by Mind, delves into mental health challenges faced by the LGBTU community and offers advice on how to navigate them.


Brook offers free and confidential advice centered around sexual health and well-being. They provide guidance, support, and resources ensuring young individuals understand and navigate their sexual health responsibly.


CHUMs stands as a beacon for mental health and emotional well-being support tailored for children and young individuals. They offer a variety of services to assist young people in navigating their emotional and mental challenges.

Carers in Bedfordshire

Focused on the unique challenges faced by young carers, Carers in Bedfordshire believes in the strength of community. Young carers are individuals under 18 who provide care for someone due to a range of conditions, including disabilities, illnesses, or mental health challenges. The organization promotes the positive benefits of young carers connecting and sharing their experiences.

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