Student Portal


View records, report absences, and understand our school's policy.


Stay updated with school events, key dates, and milestones.


Explore and navigate the myriad of post-school career options.

Clubs & Enrichment

Uncover a spectrum of extracurricular opportunities designed to nurture passions and augment learning at Sandy Secondary School.

Duke Of Edinburgh

Learn about this prestigious program, offering unparalleled opportunities for personal development, resilience, and skills for life.


Explore the Exams section for insights on Sandy Secondary School's exam procedures.


A distinctive platform that empowers Sandy Secondary School with unmatched communication capabilities, reaching parents in ways other systems simply can't.

The School Day

Visit the School Day Timetable for a clear breakdown of Sandy Secondary School's daily schedule.

Student Leadership

Dive into the Student Leadership page to understand how Sandy Secondary School fosters leadership qualities, empowering students to be proactive voices in our community.

Student Support

Discover the myriad of resources and guidance provided by Sandy Secondary School, ensuring every student thrives.

Thank a teacher

Express gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated educators at Sandy Secondary School, recognizing their unwavering commitment to student success.

Top Achievers

Delve into the Top Achievers page to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Sandy Secondary School's brightest students.


Information on Sandy Secondary School's transportation options and guidelines.


Sandy Secondary School's dress code requirements and guidelines.

Music Instrument Lessons

Delve into the range of musical instruction opportunities offered.

School Meals

Overview of nutritious and delicious dining options available.

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