Sixth Form Admissions

Sandy Secondary School: Sixth Form Application Guide

Sixth Form Application Essentials

For a comprehensive view of our Sixth Form and the curriculum, refer to the Option Booklet and the Application Form. Additionally, we offer informational videos about the Sixth Form and the courses.

Application Timeline

Complete the application form by Friday, 25th November and email it to Interviews are scheduled for the Spring term, post which conditional offer letters are released, based on the grade prerequisites detailed in the booklet.

Entry Criteria

Applicants need a minimum of 6 subjects graded 4 or above, inclusive of English (Language or Literature).

Induction & Enrolment

Post-GCSE exams, an induction takes place in the summer term. Formal enrolment happens in September, featuring activities to ensure students transition smoothly into Sixth Form.


For any questions, reach out to the Sixth Form team at

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