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2023 Results at Sandy Secondary School

At Sandy Secondary School, we are extremely proud of how well our students adapted to the challenges of studying throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. For Year 13 students, this was the first set of public examinations that they would have taken. For both Year 11 and 13 students, despite them being impacted upon by the lockdowns, no additional consideration was given, and they were assessed on the full curriculum and graded in line with the 2019 cohort, the last year group unaffected by the pandemic.

Key Stage 4

Progress 8:

+0.08 up from -0.33 in 2022

A positive progress 8 figure indicates that students in this cohort made more progress than their peers nationally.

Attainment 8:

42.79 up from 41.9 in 2022

This is a measure of the average grade that the student achieved across their top 8 subjects. This shows an increase from 2023 of approximately one-tenth of a grade, even with the grade distribution returning to 2019 levels.

Entry to Ebacc:


This represents the number of students that are entered for the full range of Ebacc subjects. This means that they were entered for English (Language & Literature), Mathematics, Science (either combined or Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Geography or History, and a Modern Foreign Language.


39% of students are entered, and in Central Bedfordshire, this is 28%.

Ebacc APS:

This is the average score across the Ebacc subjects. 2023: 3.82

Even though the examination was marked more harshly with a return to the 2019 grade distributions, the EBACC APS remains very similar to the 2022 figure.

English & Maths results:

In 2023, 34% of students achieved a grade 5 in both English and Mathematics, this is very similar to the 2022 result when 35% achieved this measure.

In 2023, 60% of students achieved a grade 4 in both English and Maths, very similar to the 2022 figure of 61%.

Destination Data:

2022: 95% in Education or Employment after Year 11 (Nat & LEA 94%)

Key Stage 5

Average points score at A Level:

21.11, this gives an average grade D.

Average point score for Academic qualifications:

This includes A Levels, EPQ, and Core Maths, is 21.27, this gives an average grade D.

Average points score for Applied General:

This includes BTECs and WJEC Diplomas, is 23.34, this gives an average grade of Merit.

Average points score for Tech Level:

This includes RSL courses, is 25.00, this gives an average grade of merit.

Further information on the school’s results can be found at:

Sandy Secondary School – Compare school and college performance data in England – GOV.UK

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