Physical Education Curriculum

  • Mr J. Fuller

    Mr J Fuller – Curriculum Leader for Boys’ PE

  • Mrs L. Funge

    Curriculum Leader for Girls’ PE

  • Miss E. Broughton

    Teacher of PE/ AAP for behaviour and Pastoral Care

  • Mr L. Miller

    Teacher of PE

  • Mr S. Pink

    Teacher of PE

  • Miss T. Rixon

    Teacher of PE


Through the Head, Heart and Hands curriculum concept, students will develop, build and apply students physical, social and emotional well-being through a range of engaging sports and physical activities. Our focus is to build upon the fundamental movement skills developed at primary level and embed these within specific activities over half termly blocks, allowing students the depth to build upon their motor competence; knowledge of rules and healthy participation. As students progress through the school they will also develop their ability to demonstrate resilience when faced with challenging learning tasks and environments. The concepts for year 7 will be built upon in Year 8 and 9 by acting as building blocks to explore further concepts alongside more strategic and tactical application. Students are assessed across three branches, within a variety of characteristics including ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ (Head), Resilience (Heart) and their ‘Physical ability’ (Hands). During year 10 and 11, students will move towards developing key skills such as Analysis (Head), Leadership (Heart) and Tactics (Hands) through different activities in preparation for them continuing physical activity beyond their schooling journey.


Using the Head, Heart and Hands curriculum concept, Key Stage 3 students will use physical activity and sport as a vehicle to develop a variety of skills that can support them within supporting contexts. Each half term students will explore new activities to build upon these concepts and have opportunities to apply them beyond the classroom in extra-curricular activities and forms of competition.  Students will be assessed across the Head, Heart and Hands concept formatively in lessons and at the end of every sporting block – this ensures students are aware of where they are currently at and what they can do to improve moving through the year. As we progress to Key Stage 4, the concepts move towards developing skills students can use beyond the curriculum through new vehicles of Sport and Physical Activity. Students will explore different sports, concepts, and skills through options blocks to build students participation in sport and physical activity. We also begin to develop additional key skills such as first aid, sports leadership and beginner umpiring to inspire students continue participation on physical activity.


The impact of this approach is to enable students greater time to be physically active and develop the fundamental movement skills at Key Stage 3 and have a greater competency as they move towards specific sports and physical activities. By covering 2 concepts/activities per term, it allows for greater depth across Key Stage 3 to build upon the physical competency and rules. At the end of Key Stage 4, students will have experienced a variety of sporting environments and would have covered a greater amount of activities through shorter option blocks building on the link between exercise and health and Competition (Head), Leadership (Heart) and in-play Tactics (hands).

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