Rising to Excellence: Sandy Secondary's OFSTED Insights & Initiatives

The school underwent an OFSTED inspection on 25th-26th January 2023, with the report lauding life at Sandy Secondary School for our strong pastoral care and safeguarding. Our students’ safety is paramount, and we’re delighted our safeguarding efforts were commended.

Inspectors acknowledged that our SEND students progress on par with their peers, thanks to tailored lesson planning. This being our first inspection since transitioning from an upper to a secondary school, the report provided key insights. We’ve already begun addressing identified improvement areas, such as refining our curriculum to ensure consistent knowledge reinforcement across year groups.

OFSTED’s feedback on student assessment, which emphasises assessing knowledge alongside exam preparation, is being integrated. Plans to institute a parent forum for assessment and involving students in homework evaluation are in place.

Our Sixth Form’s “Good” status, reflecting in students’ attitudes and achievements, is a point of pride. With OFSTED’s revised framework highlighting subject leadership, we’ve rolled out a quality assurance programme post-inspection.

Attendance remains a focal area. The Head Inspector acknowledged that the OFSTED framework might not be fully attuned to a post-pandemic context, especially considering the diverse guidance on COVID-19 and Strep A from the NHS.

Post-pandemic, we’ve seen more students face mental health issues. We’ve responded with personalised timetables, ensuring that education isn’t hampered by absences.

Lastly, while we have a clear behaviour management system, a few application gaps were identified. We’ve since provided staff training, with further embedding on the horizon.

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