Our school prioritizes the well-being and health of all students. We have a dedicated full-time medical officer available throughout the school day, ensuring timely medical assistance. Parents are urged to keep the school informed about any specific medical needs their child might have.

Regarding allergens and anaphylaxis, students diagnosed with severe allergies often have adrenaline auto-injectors, such as EpiPen, Jext, and Emerade. We emphasize that students understand their auto-injector’s operations and always carry two with them. The medical room can hold spare AAIs and antihistamines for unforeseen emergencies.

Asthma is another area of attention. Students with asthma must always have their inhalers within reach. These inhalers should bear clear labels with the student’s details. If misplaced, the clear identification ensures a swift return. For added precaution, a spare inhaler can be stored in the medical room.

Should a student experience diarrhoea and/or vomiting, following the UK Health Security Agency’s guidance, they should stay home for 48 hours after the symptoms subside. This measure helps prevent the ailment’s spread.

Medication practices at our school are also streamlined. Parents are advised to ensure their child takes any medication before arriving at school. If any medication, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, needs administration during school hours, it should be kept in the medical room. Moreover, such medicines must be in their original packaging and accompanied by written consent from a parent or guardian.

In light of the current health landscape, students with respiratory symptoms, especially those resembling COVID-19, should remain home until they’re symptom-free. However, students with mild symptoms, excluding a high temperature, are encouraged to attend school. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, a home quarantine of 3 days post-test is mandatory.

Lastly, hydration plays a vital role in a student’s academic performance. Students should bring their water bottles, which can be refilled at the school’s water fountains. It’s noteworthy that fizzy or energy drinks are not permitted and will be confiscated. For hydration needs during lessons, students should have their water bottles as leaving lessons for water is only permitted if the student is unwell.

School Health and Medical Protocol

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