Home Learning

Home Learning at Sandy Secondary School


Our approach to home learning at Sandy Secondary School aims to:

Reinforce understanding from specific lessons and topics, prepare students for upcoming learning, and promote independent revision.

We prioritize enhancing learning, reinforcing knowledge, and improving long-term memory and cognitive abilities.

Independent Knowledge Enrichment (IKE)

IKE is our innovative home learning approach that encourages:

A passion for independent study, knowledge acquisition, and cultural enrichment.

We’ve adapted to the changing demands of exams by emphasizing consistent knowledge retrieval, ensuring success.

Independent Knowledge Enrichment Plus (IKE+)

IKE+ offers opportunities for additional learning tasks beyond IKE:

Deepening subject understanding and fostering cultural appreciation are key objectives.

Examples of IKE+ tasks include reviewing documentaries and creating projects related to classroom content.

Knowledge Organisers

Students receive knowledge organizers each half term:

These booklets guide IKE assignments, exam preparation, and offer study skills guidance.


Knowledge Organisers 2023-2024

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