Geography Curriculum

  • Mr C. Meehan

    Curriculum Leader for Geography

  • Mrs K. Tarpey

    Curriculum Leader for Travel & Tourism

  • Mrs K. Mansfield

    Teacher of Geography

  • Miss A. Bokor

    Teacher of Geography


Our overriding intent is that students are engaged in the topics we chose to study; they will be able to see the relevance of them. They will acquire a broad base of knowledge and be introduced to ways of interpreting information and learn skills that will better prepare them to understand the world they live in and the issues they will face. They will develop a sense of place and the why of where. Achieving this intent ensures that students are in a better position to make sensible decisions for their future and the future of those around them, as well as having the understanding to empathise with different viewpoints.

Please see below for information on the intent of the Geography curriculum, and the impact that this will have.

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