English Curriculum

  • Mrs K. Cuff

    Director of English

  • Miss S. Sumners

    Second In English

  • Miss A. Sozzo

    Lead Teacher for KS3 English & Literacy

  • Mrs S. Croft

    Teacher of English

  • Mrs E. Teall

    Teacher of English

  • Mrs M. Bloor

    Teacher of English

  • Miss M. Frankland

    Teacher of English

  • Miss H. Miller

    Teacher of English

  • Dr A. Cook

    Teacher of English

  • Mr S. Gray

    Teacher of English

  • Miss N. Dunning

    Teacher of English

  • Mrs N. Clarke

    Teacher of English

Department Vision & Ethos


The English department at Sandy Secondary School aims to develop language literacy and communication for the whole student. As a department we aim to provide a creative, engaging and expansive English education. Topic areas develop curiosity and collaborative skills, making for students who are ready to solve problems, accept challenges and strive for continual personal improvement. The curriculum aims to encourage independent learning and self-discipline. Although a competitive environment is encouraged students are taught how to work within a team to achieve a goal and celebrate together. English at SSS provides students with a variety of learning opportunities both in lessons and extra -curricular creating a love of the subject and motivation to challenge themselves to be the best they can.


  • KS3

    Students will have knowledge of different styles of texts and their history. Students will have developed language literacy and communication skills. Students will understand the majority of key terminology and be able to self and peer evaluate work using the assessment grid. Students will have confidence working in groups and will have experience of using a number of analytical techniques within a group. Students will have a bank of evaluative vocabulary they can draw upon and be able to link this together. Students will have an understanding of the principles of evaluating texts and authors. Students will have developed the confidence to analyse and will be able to set revision targets.

  • KS4

    Students will have a good knowledge of English across the GCSE curriculum; they will be able communicate in a clear and consistent way. Students will be able to demonstrate and explain the use of English language devices. Students will be able to interpret and analyze professional English works and will be able to link linguistic choices to writers’ intentions. Students will have an extensive analytical and evaluative vocabulary they can apply this to analyzing taught and unseen texts. Students have the ability to write creatively for narrative, descriptive and transactional writing.

  • KS5

    Students will have developed a greater knowledge of the development of English in from Pre 1900 texts and into the 21st century. They will be able to provide examples of works that support this development. Students will be able to compare and contrast the difference between writers and their styles. They will identify contextual influences the impact linguistic style and choices. Students will develop analyses further and use evaluative language well. Students will have developed choreographic skills on a group and will have had experience of directing this. Students will have studied their set texts in detail and will be able to write critically and evaluate them.

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