Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award: A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award is a life-changing adventure that beckons young minds to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It invites participants to step out of their comfort zones, go the extra mile, and commit to personal and community growth. Venturing into this program means acquiring new skills essential for both work and life, boosting physical fitness, contributing meaningfully to the community, and exploring the serene beauty of the countryside.

Held in high regard both nationally and internationally, the DofE Award is a significant accolade, signaling a bearer’s resilience, commitment, and exceptional qualities. It’s no surprise that employers across sectors look favorably upon this Award. It stands testament to a young recruit’s enhanced abilities in communication, problem-solving, teamwork, self-management, and their proactive approach to challenges.

But the benefits of the DofE program extend beyond mere recognition. It builds a foundation for the future. Achievers of this Award not only possess a proud badge of honor but also an arsenal of experiences and anecdotes. These experiences prove invaluable in interviews, showcasing their demonstrated leadership, dedication, organizational abilities, and more.

In the vast landscape of opportunities, the DofE program has already left its mark on millions in the UK. It’s not just an award; it’s a transformational experience, shaping futures and leaving an indelible impact on its recipients. Dive into the extraordinary, and let the DofE journey redefine you.


At Sandy Secondary School, we have run a successful Duke of Edinburgh award for the last 4 years. We host all three levels from Bronze in year 9, Silver in year 10 and Gold award in sixth form. Each year we have a steady increase of numbers and a high percentage of completion and re-enrolment into the next level of the award. At Sandy we strive to create an inclusive and personalised award program for each student, guiding them through their various sections and encouraging them on their expedition.

The award at Sandy is run by Miss Hart and Mrs Teal

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