Dance Curriculum

  • Mrs N. Halliday

    SLT/Associate Assistant Principal

  • Mrs K. Etienne

    Head of Dance

Department Vision & Ethos


The Dance department at Sandy Secondary School aims to develop the whole student. As a department we aim to provide a creative, engaging and expansive dance education. Topic areas develop curiosity and collaborative skills; allowing for students who are ready to solve problems, accept challenges and strive for continued personal improvement. The curriculum aims to encourage independent learning and self-discipline. Although a competitive environment is encouraged, students are taught how to work within a team to achieve a goal and celebrate together. Dance at SSS provides students with a variety of learning opportunities both in lessons and extra -curricular creating a love of the subject and motivation to challenge themselves to be the best they can.


  • KS3

    Students will have a introduction to the key skills and concepts of dance as a physical and creative activity. They will explore the use of actions, dynamics and space, as well as progress their choreographic skills through use of relationships and choreographic devices. Students will develop their physical skills, through practical participation in warm ups, teacher taught phrases and choreographic workshops, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Students will also improve their knowledge using subject specific terminology, verbal discussion and written analysis. Students are encouraged to perform in a group, developing their confidence, presentation and feedback skills, in a supportive environment.

  • KS4

    Students will have a good knowledge of contemporary Dance; they will be able to perform a solo within the style of contemporary accurately. Students will be able to perform a dance from start to end with sound physical, expressive and technical skills. Students will be able to demonstrate and explain dance terminology. Students will have a good understanding of the choreographic process and will be able to demonstrate this through creating and explaining their own dance work. Students will be able to interpret and analyse professional dance works and will be able to link choreographic choices to dance intentions. Students will have an understanding of warming up and cooling down and how to improve their own performance through different exercises. Students will be able to identify skills, provide examples and explain their impact on performance or choreography.

  • KS5

    Students will have developed a greater knowledge of the development of dance in the 20th and 21st century. They will be able to provide examples of works that support this development. Students will be able to compare and contrast the difference between practitioners and their styles. They will identify contextual influences the impact choreographic style and choices. Students will be able to analyse further and be able to explain how the work they study is influenced by choreographer experience and training. Students will have developed choreographic skills on a group and will have had experience of directing this. Students will have studied one practitioner in depth and will be able to demonstrate their style accurately. Students performance skills will be developed to a higher level and they will be using more interesting and creative action content.

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