Criminology Curriculum

  • Mrs U. Makwana-Hau,

    Curriculum Leader Psychology and Criminology

  • Miss C. Kinghorn

    Teacher of Psychology


  • The Criminology curriculum at Sandy Secondary School aims to provide students with a
    comprehensive understanding of crime, criminal behaviour, and the criminal justice system.
  • Throughout the course studied, there are opportunities to explore the causes and consequences of crime, the functioning of various criminal justice agencies, and the social and ethical implications of crime control. Students will engage with a diverse range of topics, including the psychological and sociological theories of crime, the impact of social inequalities, and contemporary issues such as cybercrime and terrorism.
  • Our curriculum aims to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep appreciation for the complexities of criminal behaviour and societal responses to crime.
  • Through discussions, case studies, and research projects, students will develop the ability to critically evaluate criminal justice policies and practices. We emphasise the importance of ethical considerations and social justice, encouraging students to consider the broader societal impacts of crime and the justice system.


By the end of Key Stage 5, students will complete two controlled assessments and two formal external examinations Each reflect one unit studied modularly, with grades for each unit cumulated on the course.

Ultimately, our Criminology curriculum aims to produce well-rounded, informed individuals who are capable of contributing thoughtfully and effectively to the field of criminology and to the pursuit of justice in society. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical insights, we seek to prepare students for further academic pursuits and careers in criminology, law enforcement, legal studies, and related fields.

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