We expect that you will attend all timetabled sessions and other activities that are necessary for your course. Some subjects, such as PE, Drama, Performing Arts, Photography, and Art will require an additional commitment of your time in school to complete necessary activities.

We also expect that you will take advantage of the enrichment opportunities offered such as the Sixth Form council or the Duke of Edinburgh award as these will help you develop as a person.

If you are absent for any reason then either you, or a member of your family, must notify the school as soon as possible before 8.30am. Preferably by email, using
or Telephone on 01767 680598, extension 243. The notification of absence must be received on every day of your absence.

If you are absent for more than five consecutive school days then you will need to provide a note/letter from a medical professional.

If you need to be absent for any reason other than illness (for example interviews or acting roles in theatre and TV) then you should speak to one of the Sixth Form team in advance to ensure that this is granted as an official leave of absence.

Sixth Form Attendance and Participation Expectations

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