Years 7 Admissions for September 2024

For those interested in enrolling their child in Year 7 at Sandy Secondary School for September 2025, kindly complete the “Transfer To Secondary” form online by 31st October 2024. For those requiring a paper form, reach out to the School’s Admissions Team at 0300 300 8037.

All admissions forms for Year 7 should be submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council by the deadline.

Students usually join Sandy Secondary School at the beginning of Year 7. We receive students from various local primary and secondary schools. Many continue their journey with us into our Sixth Form, and we’re open to external Sixth Form applications as well. We also accommodate in-year admissions. Reach out either directly to the school or via Central Bedfordshire Local Authority for such inquiries.

In situations where the number of applications exceeds available spots, allocation will be based on the following criteria, in order:

  1. Children under the care of Central Bedfordshire Council or those residing within the catchment area.
  2. Students living in the catchment area.
  3. Other children under care.
  4. Cases with ‘very exceptional’ medical reasons.
  5. Siblings of current students.
  6. All other applicants.

Admissions 2024: Joining Sandy Secondary School

Sixth Form Admission

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